Whatsapp: Tips And What You Need To Know


WhatsApp is used by one billion people and the app is also extremely popular all over the world. Arabcrunch lists everything you need to know about WhatsApp. Who is behind WhatsApp? WhatsApp started as a startup with Jan Koum behind the helm. The online messaging service was started in 2009 by …

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Privacy Search Engine “DuckDuckGo” Added To Google Browser Chrome

Google has added the privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo to the new version of the Chrome browser, TechCrunch writes Wednesday. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine. The makers say users do not follow. For example, no user profiles are created and IP addresses are stored. In Chrome, users can set a default search engine themselves. Usually this …

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Post Clinton’s Internet Freedom Speech:US- SourceForge Blocked Syria, Sudan, Iran, N. Korea & Cuba: Is Open Source Still Open?

Following Linkedin  move of  unblocking Syria after ArabCrunch reported the incident ( and kept it against Sudan ), we heard different reports that U.S. Federal government officials are preparing to waive some of the sanctions against Syria that was imposed by the Bush administration , but few days ago these sanctions became worse: the world’s largest open source software …

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Breaking: Google Morocco Is Hacked!

Google has local domains for almost every country in the world. And Morocco is one of them . However it appears that it is hacked, as of now. Once you try to access the domain, you get a message that says: HackeD By PAKbugs, calling them selves ZombiE_KsA Cyber Criminal spo0fer …

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