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Since 2008, ArabCrunch Group is the only entity  from the private sector  in the world that is dedicated full time to empower entrepreneurs, startup, tech professional and geeks in the Arab and emerging world via its network of sites and events. With over 100,000 pageviews per month today ArabCrunch includes: ArabCrunch EN, ArabCrunch ع, ArabCrunch DEMO and ArabCrunchStart global events.

ArabCrunch EN:

The ultimate source for Arab tech startups, companies, social media and mobile in the Arab world.

Arab CrunchIn 2009 ArabCrunch EN was ranked  according to postrank in the top 25 most engaged blogs worldwide,  ahead of Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes blogs about Entrepreneurship.  Today ArabCrunch is ranked #6 worldwide in the blogs about innovation & e-commerce, 10th in the startups category according to invesp.


ArabCrunch Group Mission:

ArabCrunch Group’s mission is to inform, impact, inspire and create an Arab centric technology ecosystem that delivers information, and connects Arab entrepreneurs and technology professionals, both in the region and throughout the world via its properties, ArabCrunch En, ArabCrunch Arabic and its events.

The mission of ArabCrunch is to help accelerate entrepreneurship and technology innovation in the Arab world by delivering an online social platform that connects participants of the technology ecosystem.

ArabCrunch is the first  and largest online social platform dedicated to connect and support technology companies, entrepreneurs, techies, scientists, academia and investors in the Arab world.

ArabCrunch offers mentorship matchmaking for entrepreneurs, techies and engineers. Startups and Developers questions and answers application and other tools that empowers its members. (ArabCrunch.NET is beta.)

ArabCrunch عربي Arabic Edition:
The first Arabic blog that focus on tech startups, entrepreneurship, social media and mobile news and views.

ArabCrunch EN is the world largest blog that is dedicated to profiling and reviewing Arab originated technology startups and existing companies, their products and services, especially in the new Internet, Mobile and Social Media world.

We give the biggest slice of coverage to Arab startups and companies or Arabs starting their companies in the west. Sometimes we cover international companies, especially in USA and those who made relevance to the Arab Internet and Mobile users.

These startups and companies are innovating new tools and ways that have great impact on our lives; socially, politically and economically. As such we sometimes also track where these changes are being made. We often do not just talk about the companies that are making the change, but also the people behind them and we share tips with our readers on how to startup a company and manage its growth among other tips in social media branding and marketing.

We aim to enable an environment that helps Arabs innovate, create and thrive regionally and globally. As a result we created this blog and expanded into ARABCRUNCH DEMO, ArabCrunch Arabic..

Our motto: Towards a Technology Revolution in the Arab and eastern world.


ArabCrunch has been profiled, featured and has been a source of news and views to dozens of global and regional media outlets, from the world’s most popular blogs, to mainstream newspapers, to the most respected news agencies.