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Yahoo! Is Closing Its Last Office In The Arab World, Is It The End Of Yahoo Maktoob?

Yahoo announced that it is closing its Dubai office its last office in the Arab world or Middle East after closing its offices in Amman and Cairo.

Communicate Middle East said that There have been talks of the company shutting down its Middle East operations since January 2015 when it cut its staff down by half.

Communicate reached out to Hussein Freijeh, managing director of Yahoo. However, he refused to comment, as he wasn’t authorized to do, and instead directed communicate to Yahoo’s PR company, who only reiterated the following statement: “Yesterday we informed our Dubai-based employees that we’ve made the difficult decision to close the office by the end of April as a part of Yahoo’s effort to streamline our business and set the company up for long-term growth. We are incredibly grateful for our employees’ hard work and contributions. We will continue to provide our suite of consumer services in Arabic and English and our advertising inventory through Yahoo marketplaces and other advertising exchanges.”

The magazine commented by saying “while the company chooses to remain mum, one can’t help but wonder how wiping out its presence in the MENA region is a good strategy “to streamline our business and set the company up for long-term growth”. Or is it just us?”

Another aspect of the problem, how would Yahoo sell its ad inventory to ad agencies in the region who are mostly based in Dubai? That said we might see that MatkbooYahoo or the Arabic version of Yahoo portal might seas to exist.

Knowing that it gives an evidence that Yahoo’s decision to acquire Maktoob with around 175 million USD was a bad one, which it did not benefit from a lot knowing that at the time most of Maktoob traffic was coming from Forums, which took a hit with Google search algorithm updates such as panda.

Even though ArabCrunch hailed Maktoob Yahoo deal. Now things seems more clearer which lead many to say that the decision for Yahoo to acquire Maktoob was political one rather than a one based on sound business decision.

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