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Facebook Blocks Logins & Signups From TOR Browser Putting Hundreds Of Thousands Of Political Activist At Risk

Facebook has blocked log-ins and signups via the encrypted and anonymous browser TOR. This will lead hundreds of thousands of political activists around the world to login via their own IP address, unlike when they log-in via TOR at a different concealed Ips, That does not trace them.

This means that their real identities might be revealed to tyrant regimes in countries such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, USA and elsewhere, since Facebook’s SSL connection can be broken easily by technology obtained by these regimes from American and British companies. This means facebook is now risking the lives and freedom of hundreds of thousands of people by this stupid move.

Moreover, with out governments hacking into facebook SSL connections, facebook has admitting that they collaborate with governments around the world against many of its own users, that means if facebook knows your real IP address and you are an activist your name and location will be handed to those tyrants regimes, and you will face rape, torture, prison time and possible death penalty as with many cases under the US sponsored regime in Egypt.

A sad day for privacy advocates.

This is not the first time that facebook blocked Tor, it did so in 2013 and after ArabCrunch revealed the event in backed off and said it was a technical issues and Tor access was whitelisted again.

Wael Ghonim, who is the former Google MENA marketing director, used TOR when logging in to his “We are all Khaled Saeed page” page which called for the Egyptian revolution. The secret police of Hosni Moubarak where on a hunt to know the person behind Khaled Saed. Had Wael his identity been revealed before the revolution that would mean the revolution might not happened.

We urge facebook to reconsider its move and think about the destiny of hundreds thousands of political activists around the world.

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