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Uber Launches In AMMAN, Uber’s 300TH City

Uber Advanced Technologies Group that operates the transportation App in more than 60 countries, has launched in Amman Jordan.

The launch in Jordan makes Amman the 300th city for Uber in the World.Yazeed Abul Failat, presenter of Jordan Star & Caravan on Christian owned Ro’ya TV  was the first passer at Uber.

Uber faces competition in the region from Careem and Easy Taxi, Careem operates in GCC, Cairo, Lahore, Casablanca, Beirut Casablanca and Rabat and yet it does not operate in Amman.

Uber has a specific requirements to accept drivers like year of manufacture and special conditions in the car to join the company.

Uber has been founded by Travis Kalanick, a man who does not sleep and always strives for the foreground. The company does not have any taxis in the world.

“We give priority to quality” says Travis. “This is what makes me buy iPhone instead of a regular phone. That makes me go to a fine restaurant and I’m willing to pay more for my meal, because what interests me is the experience.”

Kalanick has an insight, his company is very different from anything the world has ever seen before, and perhaps Uber is the fastest growing company in history, worth $ 62.5 billion, a figure rapidly approaching the market value of Volkswagen.

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