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Twitter Threatens To Suspend Wikileaks Account Over A Photo And Then Backs Off

As we said before Twitter is no longer a free speech platform as it keeps deleting Islamic State supporters accounts and as it management admitted it become influenced by the CIA and FBI.
A recent trend that would be troublesome for the general public all over the world who wants to know the truth about the dirty and criminal work of their governments.

Twitter told WikiLeaks that they will suspend their account unless WikiLeaks removes a photo they tweeted of conman/informer Mark Goeder-Tarant, the person behind the fake “WikiLeaks Forum”.

But then wikileaks tweeted that now decided it will not suspend @WikiLeaks over this photo. When wikileaks lawyer interfered.

However Twitter suspended the account of @Cabledrummer over exactly the same tweet and tweeted “- this double standard is symptomatic of a broader collapse. @WikiLeaks has the power to assert its rights, but the average person does not.

Wikileaks is well known for exposing the secrets of the crimes committed by many governments and companies specially the US government. It founder Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1556 days.
– 996 days inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

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