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Twitter Suspended Famous Saudi Whistleblower’s Account That Leaks Saudi Corruption Scandals

Twitter has suspended @Mujtahidd account for a man who’s believed to be a Saudi Royal family insider who used to leak corruption scandals and inner secrets of the Saudi government and the Saudi royal family. The account had around 1 million follower before it was suspended.

We will try to contact Twitter to see what are their response and update you here inshallah, but this is unlikely as Twitter PR never responded to our past emails.

In response to this suspension that Arabia Twitter users toke to this hashtag #إغلاق_حساب_مجتهد which translate to #closing_of_mujtahidd-account which now is a trending topic in Saudi Arabia. As Some activist point out that Twitter is silencing the truth from coming out.

Update: Twitter has restored the main account @mujtaeidd and it is back working.

Update 2: He said in a tweet that all accounts that claimed to be him are fake. and that the reason of the suspension is a tweet about a message from one embassy about a maid that was abused.


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