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Dr. Hassan El-Sallabi A Renowned Telecom And Data Analysis Scientist Joins Kuwaiti Cyber Security Firm CyberKov

Kuwaiti Cyber security firm CyberKov announced yesterday that Dr. Hassan El-Sallabi an accomplished Telecom and Data Analysis Scientist has joined the security firm as chief adviser.

Dr. Sallabi is a key scientist in the telecom filed wireless signals RF Electromagnetic and Radar Systems. He has a PHD in RF titled Modeling and Characterization of Urban Radio Channels for Mobile Communications
from Helsinki University of Technology.
He also has Post-Doctoral Degree from “Stanford University.

Dr. Sallabi was part of many research centers in Europe and USA. He was part of the team that innovated 4g or LTE and he has 10 patents in his built.

This addition to the highly professional CyberKov team is important as the firm aims to be one of the top security firms in the world.

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