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Tunisian Regime Kidnap 6 Members Of Hactivist Group Fallaga For Hacking French Websites In Retaliation For Insulting The Prophet Mohammad

Tunisian regime has kidnapped 6 members of the Tunisian hactivist group Fallaga on charges of hacking French and Zionist websites. The group was part of #opFrance which hacked more than 19,000 French websites in retaliation for CharliHebdo publication of cartoons which insults the messenger of God Mohammad SAWS.

The Tunisian pirate party president Salah Kishek said that they group members were not arrested but kidnapped by the orders of NATO and the American ambassador in Tunisia in order to stop Fallaga operations which made the West and Zionist worried because of of Fallaga’s strikes that they delivered to french and Zionist websites.

Kishek said the the Tunisian internal ministry said the arrest was part of the interior ministry efforts to strike at media sources of “Takfiri” elements, he also challenged them if they provide a list of the websites targeted by Fallaga, “and we will know that all their targets where western and Zionist which means their detention was not a Tunisian sovereign decision .”

A Fallaga group member promised strong retaliation for the arrest of the 6 hacktivist if they are not freed. He told AC we will expose the Tunisian and French regimes, adding that they have secret files which would be published unless the team members are freed “and France will see who we are.”

In the first efforts of retaliation Fallag has decided to divert its attacks from French to Tunisian websites mainly government. For example this website was hacked http://www.isetcom.tn

Fallaga team member said that Arab Anonymous will join the retaliatory response also.

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