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Meet RaheebFeed The Viral Arabic Version Of Buzzfeed

The world does not progress with stuff like buzzfeed, however people like entertainment. In the US, people like entertainment stories more than political news, that’s why buzzfeed which is focused on viral entertainment stories has around 200 million visitors a month.

RaheebFeed comes to clone buzzfeed but in Arabic, we do not know if that will work in the Arab world! As silly entertainment might not appeal to the serious Arab audience with Arab spring turning into Armed wars.

But what has been proven with the spread of online sarcastic video shows like in Jordan Kharabeesh, in Saudi Arabia uTurn in Egypt joetube, that sarcasm works and gets viral if it was criticizing a social problem, in justice or politics.

Raheeb has content in Arabic fosha, Levant dialect , Egyptian and Gulf dialect and does not seem offering any social, or a problem solving value in its content other than looking for clicks by any means possible.

Another notable thing about the site is that they feature the homosexual “Fagots” rainbow in the website section our story, we do not know if that is intentional or they did not know what it means!

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