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SALLA7NY A Small Device That Lets You Monitor & Diagnose Your Car Performance From Your Smart Phone Now Crowed Funded At Zoomaal

How many times did you face problems with your car while driving and couldn’t figure out what was wrong? How many times were you able to get your car checked in the same time and place where it broke down?

How many times did you go to the car repair shop and felt they were overestimating the size of the damage, but didn’t have the needed knowledge or expertise to argue with them?

Salla7ny is the answer to these problems. Salla7ny will not only display any problems with your car, whenever there is a problem, it will present you with its name, details, reasons, and suggested solutions, making you fully aware of all that is going on with your car! And it supports Arabic.

Salla7ny team said over Zoomaal that they have been working for the past months to make a prototype, which has been tested on several car models with different model years, and these test highly succeeded in reading car indicators and discovering problems and malfunctions. But they need to finalize improving the quality of the product, so they need enough money “ ensure the testing of the product on more cars with different models, which requires us to daily rent a great number of cars, and to create and fix problems in each car to make sure the system is correctly and accurately identifying malfunctions.”

So the team behind Salla7ny is raising 15,000 USD on crowdfunding platform Zoomaal.

Salla7ny team is based in Egypt, like the successfully crowdfunded 1Sheeld. Egypt is becoming the center of an emerging hardware and electronics industry in the Arab world.

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