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The Islamic State (known As ISIS) Bans Its Soldiers From Using IPhone, IPad And GPS Phones And Devices

Islamic State (known as ISIS or IS) has issued a statement to its soldiers saying that iPhone, iPad and all Apple’s communications products are banned among IS Soldiers and officials.

The ban also includes any device that has GPS, as the orders are to remove any GPS service from any device. The announcement was made via a statement the Arabic news website DawaAlhaq obtained.

The reason behind this decision according to IS statement is to save lives and properties “during the brutal crusader campaign against the Islamic State, and to prevent in intrusion attempts that the enemy uses to reach his targets to precisely strike them with airplanes and drones” statement said.

The statement said Apple products ban is because they are “dangerous.” meaning by using them there is no way to prevent hacking and tracking by NSA/CIA/Mossad and all the military and intelligence agencies in the West and the Arab world that collaborate with US war efforts against the Islamic State.

Unlike most media outlets in the Arab world and the West who publish fabricated news about the Islamic State, DawaAlhaq has a reputation of publishing accurate statements and news from the Islamic State.

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