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Google Uses A Camera On A Camel To Capture The Beauty Of Arabian Desert In UAE

Google keeps taking street view to new places this time the Arabian desert specifically Liwa Desert in UAE. In doing so, google used a Camera on a camel to capture the beauty of the scene.

A video of Google Maps in the Arabian Peninsula is approaching 4.5 million views, in its original version on the Google Arabia page on YouTube.
The video, published by Google on its YouTube page, under the title “Discover Liwa with Google Maps”, shows the camel walking in the desert of Abu Dhabi, and on his camera Google Maps camera depicting the viewer around him.
The clip is an ad for Google’s streets, a feature in Google Maps that allows users to see panoramic images from all directions for selected titles or landmarks. 
According to the announcement, a person can explore the Liwa Oasis in the western region of Abu Dhabi in the UAE and tour the surrounding deserts.

Here is the gallery from Liwa on google view.

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