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Nina Curley Former Editor-in-Chief Of Wamda & American Citizen Becomes Managing Director Of Startup Accelerator Flat6lab Abu Dhabi

Egyptian Startups accelerator Flat6lab is expanding to Abu Dhabi, UAE after it expanded to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and they hired Nina Curley the former editor in chief of American government backed Wamda the startups media platform and a VC firm at the same time.

After starting her doctoral degree in neuroscience/psychology Nina moved to the Arab world around 2009 she start looking for a job in the entrepreneurial/media industry. As a starter she joined SYNTAX who  Abraaj Capital with the funding from the US government outsourced it upcoming entrepreneurial social platform project Wamda to them, Nina was taking in charge of Wamda Content.

In 2011 Wamda pivoted into a media magazine for the Arab world and a VC led by co founder of Wamli Habib Haddad and chaired by the founder of Aramex Fadi Ghandour. In This Year Nina become the editor in chief of Wamda.

Until April 2014 were Nina left Wamda. In Here profile in AngleList Nina is listed as an Angel investor in a company called Birdi which does smoke detection. In here Linkedin profile Nina says that she is founder of Women’s Angel Investment network since April 2013 “Investing in women-led companies in the Middle East and North Africa, from Dubai.”

Flat6Labs created and funded by Egypt’s VC cofounded by Ahmed Alfi, Sawari Ventures which has a track record in working with the US government.

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