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Tunisian Hackers “XhackerTN” Claim The Largest DDoS Attack In The History Of The Internet Against Facebook At 840Gbps/Minute

Last Friday 6/62014 facebook users around the world were reporting that facebook is down, where facebook was forcing users to logout and not able to log in again. We asked a number of users also who confirmed that they faced problems.

XhackerTN the Tunisian hacker group claimed responsibility for distributing facebook, mentioning that they launched the largest DDoS attack in the history of the internet at 840Gbps/ Minute targeting facebook.

The attack according to xHackerTN happened between 14:30 to 16:00 pm. GMT time.
Hackers said the reason why facebook is being targeted is that because the site close the accounts and profiles of Anonymous hacker groups who target “Israel” especially Anons.
We contacted facebook and we will be waiting for their reply confirming the event.

According to a source at the Anonymous community the largest DDoS before this attack was the attack against Bank Amro and an Attack against the US 2 months ago but were not announced. There are also attacks against Russia by Qoqaz anonymous at 400 Gbps

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