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Al Malaki Government Government Blocks Facebook, Twitter And YouTube In Iraq

Activists in social media in Iraq has been reporting that Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are now blocked. AC’s sources inside Iraq confirmed that, also a source at Iraqi Ministry of Communications on Friday told Kuwait News Agency the decision by the American poppet Shia government in Iraq to block those social media sites was implemented today.

As it is not a secret anymore that Al Maliki government in Iraq is witnessing a huge defeat by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) 10s of thousands deserted and around 3,500 has been captured by ISIS. Not to ,mention that military bases, cities and villages are falling one after another with little fight by ISIS.

Activists are saying that the blocking is to hide facets in the ground and the stunning defeat Al Malki government has faced so fare. So ISIS fighters and other activists would not be able to post videos of victories and news of their march towards Baghdad.

This move will not change any facts on the ground and has been used before by Husni Mubarak and Libya’s al Gaddafi. It is easy for anyone to go around blocking with many tools available for that.

On the other hand, ISIS is preparing for the great battle of Baghdad aiming to liberate the city from the American poppet shiat government, it is expected to start today or in the coming days.

On its end the US government is weighting its option one of them would be areal bombing but not sending soldiers on the ground to Iraq.

However some observers fear that in the event of US direct military involvement in Iraq against ISIS, this will force ISIS to send some of tis 10s of thousands of American and European fighters to conduct bombings in American soil thus bringing the US economy to its worse shape, something like the great depression if not even worse.

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