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After Representing Egypt In Intel Competition In The US, Egypt’s Young Inventor Refuses To Return To Egypt Fearing For His Life

Abdullah Assem the young Egyptian inventor who is 17 years old has an invention which is eye glass which enables disabled people to use computers and communicate with the world using the eye’s movement, he was arrested last month and charged with fabricated crimes.

ArabCrunch has been reporting the situation of one of Egypt’s young scientist Abdlah, the latest is that Egyptian authorities allowed him to travel to California USA to represent Egypt in Intel’s global competition for young scientist around the world, after it banned him in the his first attempt.

He traveled to the US but he did not board his scheduled plane to get back to Egypt and fearing for his well-being after he was arrested recently and charged with fabricated crimes.

Abdullah Assem brother told shorouknews that they do not know his situation, and he said to the newspaper after being asked about the dangers of staying in the US without a visa he said “this country respect human rights.”

This might be deceiving as the US does not respect human rights in reality even if it lies and claims that it is protector of human right, as it supports the coup that fabricated crimes for Abdullah in the first place not to mention the killing of thousands of Egyptians, and few days ago the CIA supported a coup attempt in Libya. The list of past and current US human rights violation is massive take a look at the number of children the US has killed with drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan.

In the US soil things are a bet different but sometimes the law is no more than ink on paper as the FBI uses tactics that are a crimes and in violation of human rights and are illegal against Muslims and non-Muslim activists. Also in many times political asylum is given to people only who accept to work as spies for the FBI and the CIA.

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