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First Bitcoin ATM In The Arab World Goes Live In Dubai With Plans To Add 400 More

There are a very few Bitcoin ATMs in the United States, and many more worldwide but for the Arab world until recently there has been non.

For those who do not know what Bitcoin is, it is a cryptocurrency that is P2P and is not controlled by any central authority.

Sergey Yusupov co-founder of umbrellab a bitcoin software company posted on Twitter last month that he has imported 400 Bitcoin ATMs to Dubai. One Bitcoin ATM has gone live according to sergey with plans to activate more.

The ATM machine used ManGo Kiosk Network, which allow users to do more things than buying bitcoins such as topping up their mobile phones, purchase airline tickets, cashu credit and more.

With the rolling of 400 bitcoin ATMS started now in Dubai, this will help make bitcoin go mainstream in Dubai and the Arab world, which would bring the average citizen to use them in daily commerce, not found yet in the US market.

Here is the video of the ATM machine in action in Dubai:

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