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Egyptian Regime Arrests 17 Years Old Egypt’s Representative At Intel Science Competition

Egyptian geeks and members of the tech community have expressed objection and anger against the arrest by the Egyptian government of 17 years old high school scientist Abdallah Assem.

Abdallah Assem, was supposed to travel to the US next month to represent Egypt in Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS) with his invention of a eye glass which enables disabled people to use computers and communicate with the world using the eye’s movement.

In the competition young inventors from around 60 countries compete and some of the judges are nobel prize winners.

Members of the tech community and Egyptian newspaper youm7 said that Assem was arrested in Cairo in Friday and a charged with demonstrating without a permit.

The Arabic hashtag activist used is #الحرية_لعبدالله_عاصم which means #free_Abdllah_assem to cast their anger against his arrest.

Abdallah Assem is also a member of grassroots tech and startups community in upper Egypt Saedi geeks. Mahmoud Ahmed CEO of Saedi geeks wrote that they need a lawyer for Assem quickly to help him.

Some of many the members of the tech community in Egypt where not involved in politics even one of the influencers an ethical hacker and on facebook list of ethical hackers wrote in his facebook timeline once that he will block anyone who talks politics, but when politics hit home when politics hit a member of the community when the regime arrested a high school inventor he commented that Assem “is not a terrorist you son of dogs“ referring to the coupe regime in Egypt that is supported by the US and Israeli government.

The US government has launched programs to support entrepreneurship and tech innovation in Egypt and the Muslim world as part of its heart and mind war against Islam and Muslims and to prevent an all out revolution against US occupation of the Muslim world.

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