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Anonymous Hacks 1000s Of Israeli Websites Leaks 10,000s Of Phone Numbers, Emails And Passwords #OpIsrael

Commemorating its last year major cyber offensive against “Cyber Israel” hacktivist group Anonymous and other hacking groups have launched a fresh and massive cyber attacks against Israeli websites, hacking, defacing, hijacking them.

  • More Than 2000 Thousand Israeli Websites Defaced By AnonGhost Team.
  • Hacker groups also leaked the database of Disney International.
  • In the emails leak front 1350 Emails of Israelis Hacked By AnonGhost Team and their passwords were posted online.
  • Another 25,000 ISRAELI emails and passwords from http://www.jeep.co.il and http://www.toyota.co.il were also leaked.

Anonymous has published a press release citing the reasons behind these attacks which are continued Israeli crimes against Palestinians whether in bombing and killing innocent people or harassment at checkpoints, mass arrests and humiliation of the Palestinian population.

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