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Linkedin Reaches 10 Million Users In The Arab World, Double Of Last Year, Close To Bayt’s User Count

Around a year ago Linkedin opened its office for the Arab world in Dubai, where its members from the region was around 5 million users.

Few days ago Linkedin announced that this year it has doubled the number of members of last year reaching 10 million members.

Linkedin also revealed a number of stats about the Arab world:

• Top companies: Saudi Aramco, Emirates, Sonatrach, SABIC, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd, Etisalat
• Top universities: King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KSA), American University of Sharjah (UAE), American University of Beirut (Lebanon), University of Karachi (Pakistan), Cairo University (Egypt)
• Top industries: Construction, Information Technology, Oil and Energy
• Top job titles: Owner, Engineer, Manager
• Top skills: Analysis, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales

Linkedin said that it is putting and emphasis on students because those between 15-24 years old represent 30% of the population.

Last year Linkedin team visited universities and met with students, they promoted linkedin and the need for a professional online presence before they enter the workforce.

This news adds pressure to the regions number on job portal site Bayt, which is also one of the most successful internet brands with 10 of millions in revenues each year.

Linkedin members are half a million short for Bayt’s 10,5 million, which means Bayt is going to find tough competition from Linkedin.

Bayt’s advantage today to Linkedin is that it has more job postings per country in the region as they have bigger salesforce. But that is not might be the case in UAE. If Linkedin boost its sales force across the region. Bayt will be in trouble especially if Linkedin members keep growing at the current pace

Linkedin advantage over Bayt is being social, and the social offering it offers not to mention its growth hacking methods.

Bayt is answering to that threat with adding more social features like the recently added stream which is Q&A categorized according to career specialties and will launch more social features in the coming future. And the ability for users to add public profiles of their CVs.

Bayt needs to do better and add more social interaction and find ways to growth hack its members count ( meaning they need to find unconventional membership growth beyond just adwords. My other suggestion is that they need to expand beyond the region say Pakistan and India, as these markets are a main recruiting point for companies in UAE.

Also Bayt needs to do a better job to attract senior managers to its site, as most job vacancies and members are junior and mid-career level.

One feature I suggest adding, is the ability to add contact in the event the user knows them and the ability to exchange unlimited messages between connected users.

Would Bayt stay relevant? What do you think?

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