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How To Become An Internet Sensation Overnight?

Back in the old times when internet didn’t exist, being famous was only restricted to the elite. You had to be somebody special (like a celebrity, athlete or even a politician) to be renowned. But those were days of the past.

Nowadays, you don’t need to sing as well as Mariah Carey or play as good as Maria Sharapova to be famous. All you need is the right amount of social media exposure and you will be on your way to becoming an overnight sensation.
The internet has made human interaction fast and easy by turning the world into a global village. As per global internet usage facts, over 1 billion users around the world surf the Internet every month.

Sitting in one place, you can easily find out what’s happening around the world. A guy jumps from a skyscraper and you will come to know via Facebook share. A cat/dog does something really funny/stupid and you will stumble upon it on YouTube. A drunken celebrity is captured by the Paparazzi and the other day it is all over the social media platforms. Pretty much anything that happens around us spreads like wildfire courtesy of social media.

Just last year, a girl named Laina Walker (dubbed as the ‘overly attached girlfriend’) came into the spotlight by posting a video of herself doing absolutely nothing but stare with eyes wide open. So it’s not really about HOW to get famous, it’s WHAT you need to do in order to catch the eyes of people on social media. Here are 5 cool ways that can make you an online sensation overnight.

Go Bonkers – Create a Crazy Video

People love watching videos on the internet, especially funny ones. And you wouldn’t believe your eyes when you see the lamest of videos on YouTube getting over millions views in a matter of days. This is one way of gaining popularity on the internet these days. Create a funny video of yourself (or your pet) and with the right amount of social media publicity, you will become an instant hit all across the world. We have many examples of viral web videos with the recent being Korean ‘singer’ PSY who broke YouTube records for the most views with his crazy music video “Gangnam Style”. To be honest, it was nothing compared to the legends like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, but it became viral like anything in a matter of days.

Psy Youtube Trend

Be Einstein – Invent Something Cool

We are living in a world where technological updates are faster than lightning. People love to see new and innovative stuff around them. Just of late, there have been many people who have become one hit wonders for their cool and crazy inventions. There was this engineer from Asia who built a car that would run on water. As crazy as it sounds, the guy got into the spotlight in a matter of days. Then we have Ann Makosinski who stunned the world by creating a flashlight that runs via heat generated from the human hand. Her project “The Hollow Flashlight” an instant sensation overnight as people went crazy sharing her success story all over the social media.

Use Your Intellect – Publish e-books


While majority of people do prefer watching funny videos and cool gifs on the internet, there is still an intellectual lot who value good quality content. Especially when the content creates controversy, it attracts millions over for heated debates and length discussions. Pick a topic that is in the spotlight on the internet and write something controversial about it. You could write on failed branding strategy, a hot political move or an overhyped movie…it could be anything that is trending and controversial. You can also try self-publishing your very own novel on the internet like Amanda Hocking, who sold over 1.5 million copies of her book online.

Be a Pro – Make Tutorials

The greatest thing that can earn you fame in a matter of days is doing what you are best at. Stick to your strengths and share your expertise online. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, make your name by creating and sharing Photoshop tutorials on a regular basis or based on online surveys or polls from your blog readers. We have many examples of designers who became famous by sharing tutorials like Fabio Sasso (Abduzeedo), Chris Spooner (SpoonGraphics) and David Airey (LogoDesignLove). If you are a musician or a guitar player, share some DIY videos that will help others in learning the art. Not only will you get crazy amounts of views, you will be talked about all across the social media.


Be an Entrepreneur – Start an Online Venture

The internet has become a paradise for launching new business initiatives and ventures. People nowadays are looking for services that can make their lives easier and the e-commerce business does exactly that. Show your entrepreneurial knack, think of a service that you can offer for which there is a need. Once you do so, Jackpot! You will become an instant sensation within no time. This is exactly how Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Matt Mickiewicz (99designs) and Andrew Mason (Groupon) rose to fame by establishing online ventures that were unique and useful for the people.

So if you are planning on becoming an instant sensation, the above mentioned tips will surely help you in stealing the limelight on the internet.

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