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Int@j Launching Jordan ICT Business Guidebook

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – int@j is preparing to release the ICT Business Guidebook that will be published in early November 2013. The Guidebook aims at providing ICT companies with requirements and guidelines related to registering, starting, and operating a business in the ICT sector in Jordan.

The Guidebook is considered to be the main reference for established companies and companies planning to open businesses and invest in the ICT sector in Jordan, to better understand the sector related dynamics, challenges and opportunities, as well as understand the sector’s business and legislative environment, and requirements, in addition to the various operational requirements for existing companies to expand and export.

The Guidebook provides companies with basic knowledge on Jordan; an overview of its economy, business culture, Jordan ICT sector opportunities and an introduction to other relevant issues, including country regulations, existing economic advantages, support programs for businesses and other opportunities.

This Guidebook includes a listing of investment support programs, employment programs, important corporate services and growth accelerators that enable entrepreneurship and maturity of existing businesses.

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