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Hackers From Gaza And Tunisia Compromise 13,000 “Israeli” Facebook Accounts

“Demons of Hack” a hacker group that support the Palestinian cause has hacked 13,000 “Israeli” accounts on facebook and publish them online.

“Israeli” channel 10 has reported the incident according to Barq News and said the hacker group come from Gaza and Tunisia.

The channel said that the hacker has infiltrated these accounts in the several months and after inspection the published users’ credentials was right,The hacker has changed the users’ profile picture on facebook.

The channel named the group that carried out the attack as Demons of Hack. The group’s page is filled with anti-Israeli pictures. One of the hackers in the group, which Channel 10 contacted through Facebook, said the attack was an “act against the Israeli occupation.” And that “Jews has caused destruction on earth and has bloodshed lots of blood.”

Facebook told Channel 10 that it was working to ensure the continued online security of all users, and urged users whose accounts were compromised to change their passwords.

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