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Canadian Web Hosting Company IWeb Discriminates Against Users From Palestine, Jordan, Syria And Lebanon

Canadian web hosting company iWeb has been informing its clients in Palestine that their servers will be terminated.

Amjad Hamarsheh cofounder of jobs.ps complained about the issues by sharing Mohammed Salameh Status on facebook on Palestinian geeks’ community on facebook group Peeks.

Salameh who is founder of Palestinian news site said :

“I got an email from www.iweb.com the Canadian web-hosting company a couple of days ago telling me that my server will be terminated , they did not bother to give me a justified reason why!!!!!!

After 8 emails and 10 live chat with the support and two phone calls …. they told me that the management simply decided to stop all the services to all clients from Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon !! and now we are struggling to move 30GB of data from their servers.

To all my friends whom have servers from this company beware , I just finished a phone call with them they are shutting everything….. even if you didn’t get an email yet … you will get it soon

do you think I can make a legal action against them !!!!”

At ArabCrunch we do not know the reason behind this action we tried look for the iWeb press contact but we did not find it, and the live support rep. refused to handle them. We will contact them via twitter to see what they did this blockade.

It is worth mention that the prices of dedicated server hosting for iWeb is much below the market price in the hosting industry. The company claims more than 20000 customers in 150 countries.

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