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Anonymous Hacked More Than 3,000 “Israeli’ Websites And 20343 Government Emails #OpTrollIsrael

Anonymous has hacked over 3000 “Israeli” websites and 20343 Emails Government in the group’s new wave of cyber-attacks against “Israel.” The operation was named #OpTrollIsrael .

The leaked data is claimed to be originating form ‘Net Bio-Lab-wiki Israel Gov’ & ‘Age-Phenome Wiki’, which are Government source.

Leaked data contains Name, emails, password, and some other data in encrypted format. leaked data is up for download on file sharing network Zippyshare.

Techworm has talked to Mauritania Attacker, leader Of Anonghost, he said the emails are personal emails used by Government officials of Israel.

A number of Arab hackers namely from Tunisia has joined the effort and posted a video explaining the reasons behind the attacks, which are continued Israeli aggression against Palestinians, continued occupation of Palestine and the innocent people Israelis has killed.

The hacker group has posted on pastebin a list of 603 Israeli websites the group has hacked.

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