6 Big Reasons Why Twitter Needs to Stop Suspending Islamic State Supports’ Accounts (Open Letter to @jack Dorsey)

8 Nov, 2015

baby injured
The above image is a baby victim of US Shait and allies bombing.

Dear Jack,

I am sending you this letter hoping that you open your eyes to some facts and do the right thing. Please read on everything, do not just skip.

1- Are All US enemies including the Native Indians are Evil and Terrorists?

Twitter started suspending the Twitter accounts of Islamic State or (ISIS) or IS supports’ only after the US started bombing the Islamic State around a year ago, which means Twitter does not welcome on its platform anyone who the US considers as enemy hence considered as a terrorist.

But wait a second are all US enemies since tis inception sometime 200 years ago are evil terrorists? Were the native Indians evil terrorists? Were the black slaves evil terrorists? Where the residents of Latin America evil terrorist? Where the Koreans evil terrorists? Where the Vietnamese? The Muslims the Arabs? And America is the only good force along its Western allies are the Good people? Or is America God and we do not know and those who refuse to submit to her are infidels Kafers?!!!!

You know the answer to this. America is not God, you are just humans, who live and die, feel happy and sad, have joy and depression, you are just humans like any other humans.

Native Indians were no terrorists nor evil, they were peaceful people living on their own peace in what is now called America, the yellow man from Europe came to their land and started killing them all men, women, children and elderly and stole their land.

The US government killed around 60 million of native Indians for no reason other than they are not Europeans and are not Christians.

Many of them were polytheists, but so are the European Christians are polytheist too who believe God is 3, God is one and not 3, you know math 3 does not equal one. In fact the person who changed what Jesus came with is Paul he said that Jesus is son of God and that he died for our sins. How can God have a son? How can God die? Who was in charge of the world when God died? Why is God responsible for our sins while we are the one who committed them? Why would God die to redeem our sins while we do not ask him for forgiveness?

Anyways, through out its history the US did not stay more than 8 years without a war, they bombed or have their evil finger almost everywhere in the world. Is it because the whole world is Evil and the shiny American man is the good one?

Consider that Twitter was in the time of US genocidal war against native Indians, would you ban users who would support the native Indians tribes fighting to defend their lives and land from Americans? Just because your country is at war with them?

You need to forget your ego inside you which is telling you us Against them! Yes, us against them, It should not be like that, you should not support your government all the time when it is against foreign country or nation just because the other side is not American, you should support the truth and justice even if it is against your government or even your own people.

Consider there was Twitter at the time of Americans genocidal war against native Indians, supporters of native Indians tribes would tweet photos and videos of massacres committed by the US army and the public would be aware of them which might lead that the extension of native Indians would not have happened at the level that happened.

The US launched the war against the Islamic state not the other way around, the US bombed the Islamic state first not IS bombed the US first. So why do not Islamic state supporters deserve a voice on Twitter? Just like native Indians do deserve a voice on Twitter?

You will tell me they are different Islamic State is evil Terrorist. Well that was the same thing said about native Indians. And you know that native Indians are not evil and are not terrorists just simply people defending their lives and land.

2- In a Court the Judge must listen to both sides and the public are the judges

And If Islamic State is evil terrorist, why do not you allow them to show just that on Twitter and people will judge? Why you keep suspending their supporters accounts? Let them speak, and let people judge why you are silencing their voice? Unless your are hiding the truth which is the other way around.

If you go to a fight with someone you go to a court, and the judge would listen to you and the person you fought with, so if the judge just listen to the person who attacked you and does not listen to you and then make a verdict that you are guilty you will say the judge is unjust. The same is here, the general public of the world are the judges, and the US and its puppets in the alliance in one side and Islamic State and their supporters on the other side. You are letting just the voice of the US to be heard the voice of only one side, and the voice of the other side the Islamic State is silent. This is unjust.

The whole world media is being controlled by governments and the masonic Jews and there is nothing called free and objective media. Take a look at what they did to Wikileaks when it published the truth a bout US genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan! As an example to that. And what they did and still doing to ArabCrunch and its founder.

The whole world media Arab or Western is involved in blunt propaganda and a campaign of lies against the Islamic State and they do not allow them to comment on the allegations they make against them.

Twitter was the oasis that truth came out, but not anymore when you suspend the twitter accounts of Islamic state supporters you are hiding the truth, and not allowing the world know what happened and is happning in this war.

3-Twitter Keeping Fake Islamic State Account that Spread lies against IS

Moreover, you are part of the conspiracy not just that Twitter collaborate with the CIA/FBI US military and US state department and other Arab governments in suspending and tracking the Twitter account users of the Islamic State supporters but also in keeping the accounts that claim they are by the Islamic State and they are not and tweet silly lies such as the Islamic State bans chemistry because it is a form of sorcery, while the fact they use Chemistry to develop explosives everyday and more recently they published their new school books which included science.

Jack do not you feel ashamed that you sponsor lying? How can you look in your face in the morning?
It its time to change to repent and do the right thing which is stop suspending.

4-Civilian Deaths and mass genocide by US Alliance are not Reported in the Media

When I ask you to keep Islamic State accounts intact on Twitter it does not necessary mean I support them, but it is for the above reasons and because it is necessary to know the truth.

Do you know that the US and its alliance are bombing civilians in Iraq and Syria? Do you know that they bomb hospitals, busy markets, Masjeeds and residential homes killing civilians mostly women and children? The world’s media (Western or Arabic) does not report that, only Islamic State supporters report that.

Do you know that US allied ground troops of the Shiat in Iraq and the Atheist Kurds in Syria expel all Suni Arab population from any territory they take from IS?

This means that the war is not just against IS but every Suni Muslim in Iraq and Syria, with the goal of ethnically cleansing Syria and Iraq from Sunnis.

Do you know that Shiat kill all Suni civilians from any area they take from IS including women and children?

So by suspending IS accounts which publish documentation images and video of these atrocities you are hiding the truth about the genocidal war the US, the west, Jews and their Shiat and atheist allies are launching over Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

Here is some images of civilian casualties by US and its allies bombings

baby injured

baby killed


child in Islamic State

child killed by US

hospital bombed by US in Iraq

hospital baby bombed by US

hospital boy bombed by US

Do you know why many people become refugees? Its because of US bombing, it is because of US and its allies Assad and Russia daily bombings on civilians.

Here is a video of Aisha hospital massacre were USA and its allies killed new born babies

5- The Public Needs to Know the Truth About the War on IS and Muslims

Having Islamic State account supports on Twitter is important for the general public to know about the War there, the US is claiming it is achieving victories against IS, while the fact that IS is the one who is winning, almost every day or so they take new land. We the public need to know this.

Here is the evidence that the US government manipulates the information about the war against IS. And look at CNN, Huffingtonpost and others they do not report about most of IS victories.

You do not think that we the public Muslims and not Muslims need to know the truth about this war?

And by the way the Islamic State media has proven that they are honest and they do not lie. Any victory or an attack they make is backed by images and videos which is released later. Also when they say US bombed civilians they back it with evidence images and videos.

There is only one news agency allowed to operate and report from IS territory it is A3maaq agency which report about the battles IS do and the bombing on civilian by the coalition they use text and videos in their reporting. But Twitter keeps suspending their account, even though they just report the truth and they are objective they call IS fighters fighters not Mujahhed.

6- Where is free speech that you pride your self as Americans?
Lastly, the US prides it self in free speech, even it is constitutional, so where is your free speech in closing Islamic State supporters accounts? Free speech comes to test when the other side does not agree with you not when they agree with you! You say they call for violence? So does US government Twitter accounts so does Israeli government Twitter accounts so does Western governments Twitter accounts they all call for violence against IS they all publish videos and information about their attacks against IS why they are not suspended too?

Some IS supporters accounts do not voice their opinion in support of Islamic State, they just tweet news about IS why they are also suspended?

So basically you have proven the the US is a lier and does not stand for what it claims it stands for.

Dear Jack,

It is time to do the right thing, for the above reasons that could not be refuted it is time to stop suspending the accounts of Islamic State supporters accounts and let the world know the truth. Twitter is facing difficulties growth is halted, and that can be reversed.

Please do the right thing let Islamic State accounts be intact. Because it is just, because we need to know the truth, because they have the right to speak. Jack, I am not asking you to do something illegal in US, as according to US law that is a legal step to take they can not legally force to suspend Twitter accounts of IS supporters, it is up to you and you chosen until now the wrong step so it is time to change it.

To end,
I would like to ask you to become a Muslim, Islam is the only religion of true monotheism, believe in one God and worshiping non but him, it is about becoming a slave to God, if you refuse to become slave to God you become slave to other humans and Satan. It is the religion that asks you to pray only to God, pay Zakat “ a small cut of your money to the poor and needy” be good to your family and relatives, have manners, respect the old, and be gentle to the young be good and order it and stay away from evil and order people to stay away from and if you refuse Islam know that hell fire for eternity is waiting for your when you die but if you become Muslim you will entire paradise for ever depending in your actions in this life. Here is a quick reference for you to read about Islam islam-guide.com

Note: this was a guest post.

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