CIA and Mossad Main Suspect in Killing a Journalist Injuring 3 others at Islamic Magazine Adımlar Office In Istanbul #JesuisAdimlar

26 Mar, 2015

Kağıthane'de patlama
No you wont see demonstrations in the West saying Jesus Adimlar, No you want see the Masonic media rush to condemn the attack against the Islamic magazine Adimlar in Turkey and call it an attack against free speech, no you wont see the Western and Arab apostate regimes condemn the criminal attack.


Because the magazine did not insult the prophet SAWS Mohammad. Because it is pro Islam, because it exposes the US colonialism of the Muslim world, directly or indirectly via poppet apostate regimes.

However we at ArabCrunch says JesusAdimlar

A writer was killed and three others were injured when a bomb exploded in the offices of Adımlar (Steps), on Wednesday evening.
The CIA and Mossad booby-trapped the door of the monthly magazine’s offices in Istanbul’s Kağıthane district with a pressure-induced bomb, and a blast ripped through the third-floor office in the six-storey building.

According to Daily Sabah “Ünsal Zor, 45, a columnist for the magazine was killed, while his brother and the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ali Osman Zor, and magazine staff Cüneyt Karan and Cem Türkbiner were injured in the incident that occurred around 19:30 on Wednesday evening. The powerful explosion led to the collapse of the office’s walls and damaged adjacent buildings.”

TodaysZaman said that The explosion knocked out the walls of the Adımlar magazine office which was on the third floor of the six-story building and damaged neighboring structures.

The magazines chief editor, Ali Osman Zor told CNN he supported ISIS’ jihad, as they were a natural response to decades of Western imperialism in the Middle East, as well as Kurdish and Shi’ite Muslim persecution of Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

Adımlar is published by sympathizers of the Islamist militant group İBDA-C, which supports Islamic rule in Turkey and says the country’s current secular leadership is illegal.

“We know this to be the work of CIA and Mossad. We know this is an intelligence operation,” the magazine staffer on condition of anonymity for fear of his own safety, told CNN.

The attack have the marks of the CIA and Mossad, as the CIA and Mossad conspired against ArabCrunch in collaboration with Arab apostate spy agencies. No doubt this attack against Adimlar is the works of the CIA and Mossad in collaboration with the 60 countries that are part of the collation against Islam. The only one hurt by the magazine is US and Jewish regimes so they will target those who expose them, taking into account the sophistication of the attack that can not be done by hobbyist.

To the US and Jewish governments along the 70 countries in the collation free speech is when you are on their side and when you insult Islam, but if you oppose them, if you expose their crimes then you will be killed.

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