Report: US Government Spent $ 1.3 Billion on Its Twitter Propaganda War Against the Islamic State (ISIS) and Lost

3 Jan, 2015

ISIS twitter social media
The following video by Fox news says that the US government has spent around 1.3 billion USD on its propaganda war against the Islamic State also known as ISIS or IS and lost.

Twitter has been shutting down pro IS twitter accounts in English Arabic and other languages but they keep popping up. While YouTube keeps deleting Islamic State videos, however its supporters keeps uploading copies of these videos.

A Report on AC about US government twitter propaganda is that one of the techniques it used is establishing fake Twitter accounts that deceive users that it belongs the Islamic State members while they are not and those accounts spread lies about IS, its conduct and believes.

IS has tens of thousands of supporters in Twitter, might be the only government in the world that has such number of devout supporters.

Some IS supporters on Twitter mocked the failed US spending on its propaganda against IS with the following verse from the Quran:

“Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah . So they will spend it; then it will be for them a [source of] regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved – unto Hell they will be gathered”
“ان الذين كفرا ينفقون اموالهم ليصدوا عن سبيل الله فسينفقونها ثم تكون عليهم حسرة ثم يغلبون و الذين كفروا الى جهنم يحشرون”

The US started a war against IS even though IS did not attack the US in the first place.

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