Facebook Admits to Censoring Content that Criticize Governments in the Arab World & in Collaborating with the CIA

4 Nov, 2014

facebook hack

At AC we mentioned a lot about Facebook collaboration with the CIA and its censorship of Arab spring anti government pages and content specially those with Islamic flavor.

Today facebook confessed to what we have been reporting and admitted that it is collaborating with Arab and “Muslim” governments in censoring content that critics these governments and also with the US intelligence agencies such as the CIA.

In its Government Requests Report, which provides information about the number of government data and content removal requests we received for the first half of 2014. facebook admitted to restricting access in Saudi Arabia to a number of pieces of content reported by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) under local laws prohibiting criticism of the royal family.

In the Jewish state facebook restricted access in Israel to a number of pieces of content reported under local laws prohibiting Holocaust denial.

In UAE facebook restricted access to a number of pieces of content reported by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority under local laws prohibiting criticism of the government and royal family.

In Turkey facebook restricted access to a number of pieces of content primarily reported by the Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority and Turkish law enforcement officials under local laws prohibiting defamation or criticism of Ataturk or the Turkish state.

While facebook has also admitted to collaborating with US security and intelligence agencies such as NSA and CIA against non American users in which these cases are in the thousands.

It is very clear facebook does not want Arab spring to spread and have Arabs achieve their dreams of one Islamic government uniting them under the law of Islam “Sharia” and free them from US, Zionists and Masonic poppet regimes who rule them with terrorism and iron fest.

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