(Updated) YouTube Brings Back IslamPost Channel After Deleting it, Which Publishes Evidence of Fabricated Anti Islamic State Propaganda in the Media

17 Oct, 2014


Update: here is some good news we contacted Google and they brought back IslamPost channel said it was deleted by error before.

here is Google spokesperson: 

With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make mistakes. When an error is brought to our attention we act quickly to reinstate the videos in question.”

Google is collaborating with NSA and CIA, we said that around 4 years ago and Julian Assang founder of Wikileaks recently confirmed this.
A new evidence that Google collaborates with CIA, which deleting the Youtube Channel of IslamPost which achieved popularity by publishing videos that shows evidence backed by photos, videos and links of the Arab media propaganda and lies about the Islamic State (IS).

IslamPost says that the channel had 7 million views and 22,000 subscribers and because I exposed their lies they could not find any excuse but to accuse me of violence.

The US government officials like Obama and Kerry mentioned the importance of propaganda war against IS in the media or by Muslim Shiekhs.

To that end almost no media outlet in the Arab or Western world carried a fabricated anti IS story, made up stories designed to brainwash the public so they support the War against it or at least not feel sympathetic to IS.

From the fabricated story of IS killing human rights activists in Mousel to the fake story of IS fighter having sex with an animal. Islam Post exposed many lies in the media and with hard evidence.

And for the Obama administration and the CIA this is bad news as these lies are being exposed so to hide the truth Google’s YouTube has shut down IslamPost channel, think! why did YouTube closed that channel? IslamPost did not violate any YouTube policy, and for sure the violence excuse is not valid, so you look whose benefiting from this? It is the US government which does anything to keep Muslims free from its enslavement. This is as another evidence that Google is collaborating with NSA and CIA censoring the truth in a way that suits the Obama administration.

Twitter also is collaborating with the CIA in the propaganda war against the Islamic State. Which makes you wonder is there any tech company in the US not collaborating with the CIA and NSA?

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