Twitter Collaborates with the CIA in its Propaganda: Deletes the Accounts of Islamic State #ISIS Activists While Keeping Fake Accounts that Claim to be ISIS & Spread Lies

17 Sep, 2014

kerry is a muslim

When the Islamic State known back then as ISIS liberated around half of Iraq from American Iranian backed sectarian Shiat government in Iraq, Twitter started deleting ISIS official Twitter accounts, this comes when Obama ordered to send US military advisors to Iraq.

But when Obama launched air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq which is an act of aggression against a state that did not do anything to the US and he promised to bomb the Syrian branch of ISIS and wage an all out war against ISIS with a aim of destroying it, Twitter started suspending thousands of Islamic State fans and activists and other activists who tweet accurate news about the atrocities and crimes of the Iraqi Shiat army and its allied Shiat militia against Sunis in Iraq.

In all standards this is against free speech that the US keeps preaching the world about and an attempt to salience the truth and hide the facts in the ground.

ISIS Activists did not give up, every day Twitter deletes an account 10 new pope up.

Twitter did not stop in deleting Islamic State accounts but kept the accounts that claims they are supportive to ISIS or are ISIS official accounts and tweeting lies about ISIS believes and actions.

One of these accounts is @M_Baghdadi_ who claims to to spread the words and speeches of ISIS leader Abu Baker Al Baghdadi and that 20 people run this account.
The account send tweets that support ISIS while other are lies about ISIS actions and believes. The account was reported by many ISIS fans as fake and has been reported to Twitter but Twitter did nothing.
One of the lies of this account against ISIS in this tweet:

The account says that football is a forbidden in Islam and that it is Kufor ”Blasphemy”, while today one of ISIS fan accounts tweeted that ISIS soldiers are not worried about US war and are playing football!

Another lie is this image:

ISIS lies
That says that ISIS are burning Chemistry books that are considered sorcery and magic, a blunt lie repeated by the Syrian Observatory in London claiming that ISIS has banned teaching chemistry and was published in many Arab media sites. Al Raqa media center refuted these claims and said that Chemistry is part of the education system in Raqqa. Another evidence that ISIS does not ban chemistry so how they make explosives only via chemistry and chemical reactions, right!!!

It is is clear that this account is run by the CIA or one of its Arab allies intelligence social media propaganda unit who publicly signed up with the US war against ISIS. Why would some one or 20 people take time of their day to spread lies unless they are paid!
And that Twitter is deleting all accounts that supports ISIS and keep the fake one is an evidence that Twitter is part of the US propaganda against ISIS and is collaborating with the CIA.

Another evidence that this account is CIA or run by one of its Arab poppet allies: is the reports that CIA and US state department run social media propaganda campaign directed at the Arab world and is what US state department secretary John Kerry has been saying, he said we need to defeat ISIS ideology “Probably far more important than the military in the end, and convince Muslims and the world that ISIS is not Islamic and does not represent Islam, how? By spreading lies about it and spreading secular form of Islam that is not actually Islamic. According to the Time the goal is to mobilize Arab leaders, preachers, and media outlets behind a message that ISIS does not represent a “pure” vision of Islam, but a grotesque distortion of it.

The US state department official twitter account in Arabic has been tweeting this propaganda and lies as well as the account we just mentioned.

The propaganda and lies war by the US and its puppets in the Arab Muslim war is not new it has been active since the western occupiers left the Arab world and installed their poppets to rule the region for the US and Western service. But What is new is that the Arab regimes are publicly joining the US in a war against other Muslims after collaborating for decades in secret, and that the US is publicly saying once again that a certain Muslim state is not Islamic and we should convince people that it does not represent Islam.

This comes as a reminder is that the Obama administration is repeating the bush administration lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq during the 2003 unjust war against Iraq which killed 2 million Iraqis, but a new form and package.

One activists noted that the US has all the media power around the world and can not stand few thousand twitter accounts?! As almost every Arab and western media outlet has published many news stories that destroy the image of ISIS or is a blunt lie that never happened and that has no evidence or by using fake images of events happened some where else like the image above.

Another activists said that the US is blocking ISIS supporters accounts because it likes to kill quietly with out much problems arises.

This Twitter act against free speech also expose the hypocrisy of self claimed free speech and civil liberate organizations in the US such as Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) who claims the fight for free speech and civil liberties online but did nothing to this case.






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