Twitter Suspends Thousands of #ISIS Islamic State Fans, Anti Iraqi Government Activists and Independent Iraqi News Accounts

23 Aug, 2014


Many people were optimistic about social media as a platform for free speech and a platform to bring people together and bring change to this world.

But that is not the case, Twitter has made a massive suspension move against fans of ISIS or Islamic State accounts along with activist who are against the American and Iranian backed government in Iraq, not just that even the big accounts such as @Iraq_now1 that tweets news from Iraq not found on censored mainstream media has been cut off too.

Whatever your point of view regarding  the Islamic State, but people have the right to speak their mind and support any subject or country, more over people have the right to oppose a government like the Iraqi that is targeting them with mass execution and daily bombings.

Why would Twitter suspend an account that is tweeting news about the crimes committed by the American government and the poppet Iraqi Shiat Militia and government? It is to hide the truth.

There is a global campaign in the media and by US and Western government officials and certain suspicious social media accounts that aim to brand the Islamic State as killers and criminals. To be honest after we looked at the news stories reports and claims against IS we found that all are not true and are pure lies and part of the propaganda effort to bring Muslims away from IS.

This remind us of the campaigns launched in 2003 by the Bush Administration lying

that Iraq has WMD in order to provide the excuse to invade Iraq.

So this move by Twitter is part of the overall Zionist and Masonic American government effort to let the world know about IS and what is happening in Iraq only from the point of view of the American government and its poppet regimes around the Arab world and the media that they control.

Some of IS fans said over Twitter that “ the American government has Hollywood and massive number of media outlets never t he less they could not tolerate (IS fans) our humble efforts so they closed our accounts and this is by God a big victory.”

We will try to reach out to Twitter and their response will be posted. stay tuned.

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