Wael Attili Cofounder of Yotube Video Producer Kharabeesh Talk About His Journey At StartupGrind Jordan

5 Jun, 2014

startup grind

StartupGrind a global event that has a chapter in Jordan features entrepreneurs and key executives in the tech industry to talk about their experience and inner practice they use to grow their business.

In June 1 2014 startup grind of Jordan hosted Wael Atlili cofounder of pan Arab well known of its sarcastic videos on Youtube, Kharabeesh.

Wael talked about the early days of Kharabeesh and how it grow, here are the important notes he has:

  • political video content is no more popular in the Arab world as there are too much polarization it is not anymore as it was in the beginning of the Arab Spring where political videos used to get viral quickly. My comment on that is that is not true, political content is still popular in the Arab world but depends what it is?! And whom are praising or demonizing in it. For example Egyptian youtube video show Joe Tube which feature sarcastic anti coup videos has over 1 million subscriber and has 63,465,122 views on it videos.
  • 2012 was a really bad year for entrepreneurs in Jordan only a few survived
  • The drama usually happens between the partners but you have to know how to deal with it.
  • He talked about ikbis which is a video sharing website he said that YouTube killed it, he mentioned that when ikbis started people in the Arab world did not have the notion to share stuff online,
  • He mentioned that relaying on payments done by YouTube only is not feasible you should think of other venues to monetize such as deals with TV stations
  • Wael said TV is still king in the Arab world
  • In order for a Yotube channel to monetize from youtube payments it takes them 5 years to do so,
  • He said that Kharabeesh is planning to enter the Saudi market.

# photo credit. @hadeelin

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