Twitter Deletes All Official Accounts for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (ISIL)

14 Jun, 2014

At a time of massive victories in Iraq by The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) Twitter deleted all ISIS official accounts on Twitter, this comes one day after the American and Iranian backed Shiat Nuri Al Malki government blocking of social media sites: twitter, facebook and YouTube.

The suspension started on Tuesday, the @Nnewsi account live tweeted ISIS’ advance into Mosul was first suspended then followed by almost every ISIS other accounts.

Activist say this decision by Twitter is because of CIA pressure on the social media site in order to silence ISIS voice and hide the accurate news about their victorious in Iraq, an Anti free speech move, wondering if free speech organizations and free speech activists would condemn such censorship.

Activists mention the fact that there are a massive anti ISIS propaganda and lies in almost all media outlets in the Arab world and across the world, often portraying ISIS as blood hungry terrorist who commit crimes against innocent civilians. All these accusation come without one single evidence.

For example activists point to Aljazeera Arabic coverage of the events in Iraq as portraying the recent victories by ISIS in Mousel, Takrit and else where as victories for armed tribal men, Al Baath party and Soufi movement Al Naqshbandia. However almost all the videos which came from citizens of Iraq on the liberated areas and on site accounts refutes these false claims as they show soldiers and vehicle of ISIS fighters, banners of ISIS, nasheed by ISIS, and speeches by ISIS fighters on the ground.

So this according to activist why ISIS account are deleted now.

ISIS official accounts on Twitter used to publish news of ISIS victories often backed by evidence of images and video footage, and sometimes they refute claims of crimes ISIS accused of committing.

ISIS had accounts of every province they control or operate in in Iraq and Syria. The main account for ISIS is ِAl I3tisam, which used to publish official ISIS statements and videos.

Compared to facebook Twitter used to be more tolerant towards ISIS official accounts and ISIS supporters as before today it allowed them in most cases to have accounts, unlike facebook which after few days of starting it quickly deletes any account or page that supports ISIS or publishes ISIS news.

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