Iraqis Government Blocks the Internet in Revolted Sunni Province and Parts of Baghdad, Iraqis Find Ways to Go Around

19 Jun, 2014

iraqi blocking internet
iraqi bloxking isps
3 days ago, Iraqi bloggers reported that the Iraqi government has shut down the internet in Sunni revolted province.

Arabic tech blog Tech World confirmed this news with a document by Iraqi ministry of communications ordering ISP to block the Internet in: Niniwah province, Al Anabar province, Salah Aldeen province, Karkuk province, Diyala province and parts of Baghdad.

The order from the ministry to ISPs is also to block as we reported before, social media sites and mobile messaging services: facebook, YouTube, Twitter, whatsapp, Viber and skype, Tango, weChat, instagram, didi.

Activists say the reason for this blocking is stop the publish from posting videos of the victories of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to stop the news of their victories reaching Iraqis and the world. As we started to see conflicting news stories about the in ground situation in Iraq and ISIS activist are reporting that Beji refinery has been under their control in last 2 days while Iraqi government is saying fighting there did not stop yet!
This news comes to reveal the position of the US government western governments who call for the freedom of the Internet and to use it who before condemned Husni Mubarak decision to block the Internet in Egypt while now say nothing about that in Iraq.

The verge is reporting that Iraqis are finding ways to go around blocking and censorship, for example: Firechat, a messaging app that allows for phone-to-phone messaging, has seen 30,000 downloads in Iraq since Saturday.
“The company that makes Firechat, OpenGarden, has also seen a jump from other countries, suggesting many in Iraq may be downloading the app through a VPN. “We had always seen some usage in Baghdad,” says OpenGarden executive Christophe Daligault, “but what’s happening now is on a completely different scale.””

Also Tor project is witnessing a surge even though the Iraqi government blocked the website but not the service.

As for ISIS part the news about their activities in Iraq has slowed down a bit but it is still continues.

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