Egyptian Activist Wael Ghoniam Joins Google Ventures

29 May, 2014

Wael Ghoniam who was once well know at the Arab tech community for being the head of Google Arabia marketing team, become well known to Egypt and the world after his arrest during the 25th of January revolution in Egypt against Husni Mubarak regime.

Ghoniam, announced via his linkedin in profile that he joined Google ventures, and that he was working there since early 2014.

The revolution in Egypt which did not succeed was sparked by Wael Ghoniam’ facebook page “We are all Khaled Saed” to honor a young Egyptian who was tortured to death by the country’s police after publishing on YouTube a video that shows police corruption.

We are All Khaled Saed, did some good by calling to fight corruption and torture but miss lead the public, by calling to bring democracy to Egypt which is considered disbelief in Islam, as democracy means the rule of people even if it opposes the rule of God meaning that the people has become partners to God’s ruling which is Sherik “associating a partner to God.” In Islam the ruling should be to Allah which are implantation of Sharia law.

Ghoniam Muslim brotherhood and the majority of Egyptians were blind folded by the western democracy specially the American one. But Egypt did not get both no democracy nor an Islamic state, as the coup by the American backed army in Egypt destroyed the first ever elected government experience.

In the early days of the jan25th revolution Wael Ghoniam was arrested for 11 days, Google in it is behalf launched a campaign to search for him and some say that it intervened with Ahmed Shafeeq government to free him.

In April of 2011, Ghonim announced he was talking a long-term sabbatical from Google to focus on an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty and helping to educate young Egyptians.

Until that the coup against Egypt’s first elected president Mohammad Morsi Wael Ghoniam was active in politics and was campaigning against Morsi and calling for his ousting, going against his calls for democracy as Morsi was elected according to the democratic princples Ghoniam was preaching . But after the coup in 2013 Wael Ghoniam become silent and his facebook page “we are all Khaled Saed” had no new updates.

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