Facebook bans anyone of using the term “Iraqi Revolution” in Arabic as a title to any facebook page

1 Feb, 2014

Iraqi Revoltuion

After deleting the Iraqi Revolution page for the third time, facebook went into more unjust measures by banning any users from creating a page that has the title “Iraqi Revolution” in Arabic.

We tried to create a page that has the title “Iraqi Revolution” in Arabic “الثورة العراقية” and facebook system did not allow you us to create it.

This is another proof that facebook is not a free speech platform, and that it is implementing US government policy in Iraq and the Muslim world.

There is also another explanation for that move is that the American government backs Nuri al Malaki government in Iraq and does not want to have a revolution in the country that would bring a government that is not a poppet for America.

This is also another proof that the US government does not care about freedom of speech and democracy or the right for non American nations for self rule specially those Suni Muslims.

In Egypt the US government backed the military coupe against democratically elected president while issuing some statements of “being concerned” for the “excessive use of force by the military against demonstrators” but those statements do not change the fact that the US government supports the coupe.

In Syria facebook deletes any page that publishes the news of Islamic State of Iraq and Shame or Jabhat Al Nusra, or those pages that warn about the American conspiracy to hijack the Syrian revolution.

We will contact facebook to see what they will say about this crazy move but as with past attempt for Syrian revolution pages we do not expect any answers.

It is worth mentioning that facebook founder and CEO is Jewish, and that the Jewish lobby in America did not just support the war against Iraq in 2003 but also was pushing hard for it.

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