Mail1Click Offers Free, 4096-bit encrypted, user friendly NSA-proof Email Security on Web, Windows, Android and iOS

23 Jan, 2014

KRYPTOTEL FZ LLC MAIL1CLICKLast year the revelation about NSA massive spying on American and International citizens whether allies to the US or potential enemies came to alert the public about the importance of their privacy online and securing it, also the growth of online hacking has was no doubt an opportunity for startups to offer more secure solutions in our digital life.

Mail1Click from Dubai-based Kryptotel comes to offer a solution for emails on on Web, Android and iOS, Mail1Click offers unbreakable user friendly encryption for both messages and attachments. Not only that, Mail1Click is the first encrypted email service to offer both a web utility and a downloadable app for each major operating system: Android, iOS and Windows.
Mail1Click relies on 4096-bit encryption, the strongest possible protection. Security experts say it would take the combined, round-the-clock efforts of every CPU on Earth thousands of years to crack this level of data security. The electronic signature feature of Mail1Click makes all messages tamper-proof; when a new encrypted message arrives, the service automatically checks that the signature is correct and begins decrypting the message with the appropriate key.
The advantages of strongly encrypted email are many.

In recent years, it has come to everyone’s attention that governments are not above harvesting the private correspondences of their citizens. Encryption guarantees that such messages cannot be read by anyone except the sender and receiver. A secure email service also provides peace of mind for online shoppers. Credit card numbers and other personally identifiable information is safe when locked behind the wall of an unbreakable encryption scheme. Identity thieves employ a number of tactics, but Mail1Click discourages the attempted cracking of secure email messages.

The encryption, decryption and electronic signature functions all take place “behind the scenes,” so no technical knowledge is required. However, because Mail1Click adheres to the philosophy of “strong” encryption, users must be sure to keep track of their passwords. The service has no recovery option; a lost password means a lost mailbox.
Businesses can also take advantage of the services offered by Mail1Click. Premium subscribers can attach their domain name to company email addresses and enjoy plenty of space with 10 GB inboxes. The application program interface allows businesses to customize an email client on top of the Mail1Click backbone. Business users have access to 24/7 email and chat support for resolving whatever technical issues may arise.

The free Mail1Click service allows up to 25 MB of storage space. More space is available with any of the service’s premium plans.

Mail1Click also has a nice anti-spam system to keep your inbox clean. Unknown senders must authenticate themselves by inserting a “captcha” code (one time only). The result is an absolutely clean inbox that doesn’t stop or hide legitimate emails.

So on details how it works?

From the company website:

“Message sending to “”
When you send a message to another mail1click address, the encryption and electronic signature will be executed automatically. If you have used a different email encryption service before you will notice that there is no need to exchange the public keys, this activity/operation is performed automatically by the application .”
Message sending to “external” email
When you send a message to a standard email address (ex., the system will create an Rsa Key for the recipient and it will encrypt the message (and attached files),using the public key. The “external” user will receive a message with a link to read the encrypted message. The first time reading message the system will ask the recipient to set a new password enabling the new free mail1click account.
The next time you’ll send a message it will notify the recipient of the receipt of an encrypted message on the mail1click mailbox. The recipient will be asked for their password to read the message.

Message receiving from “”

The messages sent to you from other mail1click users, will be automatically decrypted and the signature will be verified.

Attachments will be encrypted exactly the same way the system encrypts messages. There is no limitation on file size, but it will be limited to the available space in the mailbox.
You can continue to use your normal email, an alert message will notify you of the receipt of an encrypted message in your mailbox.

However, if your device was hacked via a keylogger, backdoors and any spyware, your email passwords would not be secure hence your email account. So besides using a secure webmail users need to secure their devices OS.
Kryptotel produces encrypted Voice over Internet Protocol, virtual private network, and e-mail solutions.

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