Biased Facebook deletes The Great Iraqi Revolution page for the second time

30 Jan, 2014

Iraqi Revoltuion
Facebook has deleted for the second time the great Iraqi revolution page for the second time, according to a tweet by the page account on Twitter. The first page had over 200 thousand fans.

We do not know what would facebook claim in doing so, but as with the Syrian revolution facebook has been deleting pages of the Syrian revolution that calls for an Islamic State or publishes accurate news about Al Qaeda in Syira Jabhat Al Nusra or the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS). Meaning facebook is implementing the US government policy of silencing independent voices that do not want Bashar Al Assad regime but also do not want the alternative of American poppet replacement.

The Iraqi revolution page used to publish news about the armed uprising of Iraqi tribes in Suni areas in Iraq. It never published news about (ISIS.) It published Suni tribal military operations and the daily bombing on civilians in Fallua and Ramadi by the Nori Al Malaki Army who is being supported by Shiat militia and some Suni tribes called Sahwat or Awakening counsel.

The US government officially stands by Nuri Al Maleki government and supplies it with weapons and arms and has started using drones in support to the shiat led Iraqi Army. Also the Iranian government support Al Malaki.
The armed tribal uprising in Iraq was ignited when Nuri Al Malaki army stormed an open a peaceful strike area in Anbar and killed over a dozen of people. Most parts of Al Anbar province is now on the hand of armed tribal revolutionist and ISIS.

When the tribal Suni men raised arms in Anbar province, ISIS soldiers moved from their bases in Anbar desert to fight along the tribal men in Falluja and other cities in Anbar.

Since over a year, in Suni areas in Iraq there where demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of people demanding legitimate rights such as releasing women who are being raped in Iraqi Shia led prisons and releasing innocent Suni prisoners.

As we said before facebook has been an important tool for Arab Spring, but since facebook deletes revolutionary pages that are not in line with the US government policy, this is an evidence that facebook is biased and is part of the American government conspiracy to hijack the Arab spring.

You can follow the Iraqi revolution account on twitter. and the facebook new page here.

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