YouTube Started Deleting Egypt’s Husni Mubarak Era Torture Videos, But Why?

30 Dec, 2013

Wael Abbas an Egyptian activist who has been publishing on Google’s Youtube over the year toture videos committed by the regime of Husni Mubarak against Egyptians has said over facebook that Youtube is deleting his old torture videos that has been there for year now.

wael abbas

Youtube is deleting my old torture videos that has been online for years ! one at a time ! Youtube is covering up for Mubarak too !

I do not know why exactly YouTube is doing so? But Wael is saying that YouTube is covering up for Mubarak, a one might say that Google’s Youtube is joining the American government conspiracy of destroying and hijacking the 25th of January Egyptian revolution and the whole Arab spring.

Wael Abbasa torutre videos was viewed by millions and was one of the reasons that ignited the Egyptian revolution against Husni Mubarak.

The official US government stand is clear to many as it has sided with the military coup against the only freely elected president in the Arab world. And has not kept supporting the military coupe financially only but also by words, since it refused to call the military coup a coup. Even though the US administration issued a deceptive statement about the “harsh” treatment and “is concerned” by the coupe regime actions against the Egyptian protestors.” But those are just aimed to miss lead the US and the world public the fact that the US government supports the brutality the criminal acts done by the Egyptian military regime against the population of Egypt.
Since the coupe thousands of Egyptians died many thousands are behind bars, Muslim Brotherhood who’s the former elected president is a member of has been banned and labeled unjustly as a terrorist organization. Few days ago Egyptian police has said that they will imprison anyone posting Cairo square massacre symbol rabi4 on social media into 5 years in prison. Is a further proof that the US government is involved in mass slaving of Muslims and non-Muslims in the so called third world countries and the US government talks about human rights and freedom are only for propaganda purposes.
The question, is Google now decided to be part of this conspiracy? Taking into account its strong relationship with NSA and the US government. We will email Google and see what they would say.

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