AlQaeda’s Media Production House “Al Sahab” Opens a Twitter Account

9 Dec, 2013

Before the events of 911 AlQaeda had a website called the site was publishing AlQaeda news and views in Arabic. Soon after the 911 events the US government seized the domain and started publishing fake stories to change it strategy and close the site all together.

The first speech by Osama Bin Ladin after the US strikes against Afghanistan was broadcasted on AlJazeera and most US news networks.

However that did not last major US news networks came to agree not to broadcast speeches by Osama Bin Ladin, which means the American public had one view about the war between AlQaeda and the US government.

On the other corners of the world, things got worse and the US government and intelligence pressured governments and media stations specially Aljazeera to stop broadcasting speeches by Al Qaeda leaders.

And that has worked now, there has been many speeches By AlQaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahri published online but ignored by Al Jazeera and most newspapers and publications around the world.

Online AlQaeda relied on few Arabic Jihadi forum to publish their speeches, and posed some of them on Youtube, but on Youtube 1 day or 2 from the moment Alzwagri video for examples published and Google deletes the video.

Saying that, the US and Arab public do not hear the point of view of AlQaeda on events that are happening in Afghanistan, Yeman, Palestine, Egypt, Mali, Syriam Iraq, Liyba , USA and else where.

We can say that the image of AlQaeda has been damged as many of the civilian bombings in Iraq are claimed To AlQaeda by speakers on AlJazeera and Al Arabiyah news channel, and Alqaeda point of view about those events is not published. From a moniter point of view AlQaeda and its branch in Iraq said many times that they do not taregt Sunni civilian, but they target Iraqi government and Suni and Shia Militia that works with them, The Sunni Milita is called Sahwat “awakeing” and they were formed by the US government during US occupation of Iraq.

Al Sahab the media wing of AlQaeda has launched its twitter account @_s7ab_m in Arabic the account already has close to 5,000 followers and it publishes speeches by Al Qaeda leadership.

For example there is a tweet about an opet-ed by one Al Qaeda leaders about the events in Egypt, another one a YouTube documentary video about AlQaeda operations against the US army in Paktia province in Afghanistan.

Another one a documentary about the mascaras by Israelis in Gaza and “titled how to prevent Gaza holocaust from Happening Again.”

An older tweet on the account was a video speech from the American leader in AlQaeda Azam the American titled “ the crime of kidnapping Abu Anasa Al Libi and its consonances” where in that video Azam refutes US claims that Abu Anas isa member of Al Qaeda or that he has any hand in the bombing of its embassies in Africa.

You might hate AlQaeda and say that they spread propaganda and they should be banned from speaking their mined, but is this free speech? What if the other side was telling lies and propaganda? The fact was proven that the US government lied about the reason why they went to war in Iraq and killed another 1 million in the way, remember that WMD lies?

What if AlQaeda leadership was telling the truth? Why not lesson and then judge? Let the people decide, the US State department has a Twitter account, let Arabs follow who they wish to follow let the point of views be exchanged and then let the public decide who is lying and who is being trust worthy.

We hope Twitter wont fall into Obama’s government pressure and close Al Shab account, for the sake of free speech and the right to hear all sides. However we doube that the account will stay live for few more days.

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