5 years in prison for Egyptians who publish Cairo square massacre sign “Rabea” on social media

27 Dec, 2013

When the Egyptian army which is baked by the US government launched a coupe against a democratically elected president , opposition to the coupe gathered on one of Cairo’s squares called Rabea but after around a month of gathering the army along with the police stormed the strike and killed around 3 thousand peaceful protesters. Including this geek.

And since the police and army started to clash with the opposition ,killing many, then opposition of the coupe started to use a sign that symbolize Rabea massacre and the resistance for the coupe (picture above).

2 days ago the Egyptian government has decided to declare unjustly that Muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization and declared that anyone who is a member of the organization will be sent to prison. Yesterday to further things the police declared that anyone posting Rabea sign will be put in prison for 5 years.

This decision further proof that the country in Egypt is now a police state that does not respect freedom and free speech.

Who is the terrorist?
The definition of terrorism means killing innocent civilians, and Muslim brotherhood is a peaceful organization that does not use force in the contrary it has many charity organizations that provide food medication and other important life saving help to millions of poor Egyptians. While the Egyptian army killed thousands of Egyptian since the coup which makes them the real terrorists. And those who sponsor them are terrorists: the American and “Israeli” government.

Unfortunately there is a slice of the Egyptian population who support the army and the coupe, this is because of the Egyptian private media, which is biased and unethical, by beaming lies against Muslim brotherhood and all Islamic moment or anyone who who wants to make the government Islamic.

Muslim brotherhood had mistakes but this is a war against Islam ladies and gentleman. By the orders of the US government which can not declare Muslim brotherhood as a terrorists organization in its soil since it wont be backed legally but orders its spies at the army in Egypt to do so.

The American government is the head of international tyranny and terrorism it only believes that freedom is only for Americans and western citizens but plot to take the basic rights for Muslim and non Muslims in the so called third world countries.

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