Facebook Censors Islam Testimony of Faith “Al Shahada”, Also Deletes the Islamic Army of Syria Page

1 Oct, 2013

facebook shahada
In order to become a Muslim a man or a woman must say and believe the testimonial of faith or the Shahada which is “there is no Lord but God and Mohammad is the messenger of God” and it should be said in Arabic “La Ilaha Ila Allah Mohammad Rasoul Allah.”
Facebook has around 43 million users in the Arab world who are mostly Muslims and 10 of Millions more in the rest of the Muslim world. Seems that facebook see itself as a dispensable social media for the 10s of millions of Muslims so it went arrogant and started to show its face against Islam. The recent facebook guilt against Islam is deleting a photos that had the Shadada written on it and banning the admins of Facebook page “the most honorable creature Mohammed Peace be up on him” citing that the content is a violation to its community standards!!

This is a new president by the hands of facebook in banning the testimonial of faith to Islam and Muslims should take action to punish the social network for being biased against Islam. Facebook allows a page that Mocks prophet Mohammed peace be up on him and deletes Al Shahada? see the image above.
In another move that is an evidence of facebook siding with the American government in its attempt to hijack the Syrian revolution and install a puppet regime instead of the terrorist Bashar Al Asad. facebook has deleted the Islamic Army page, The Islamic Army has been formed few days ago by the unity of around 40 brigade s and corps in Syria fighting the forces of Bashar Al Assad and aiming for an Islamic State instead. Those brigades are not affiliated with Al Qaeda.
The leader of the Islamic Army commented by saying “This is the evidence of the hater of the infidels.”

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