Tyrant Egyptian Regime Plans to Block Chatting Online in Egypt

16 Sep, 2013


Minister of Telecom and information technology in Egypt has decided to form a committee to study how online instant messaging services work and how legal it is and what level of threat does it pause to Egypt’s national security.
Of course in tyrant regimes use the term national security of a country not as actually meaning the wellbeing of the country, but the wellbeing of that tyrant regime.
Some of the apps which would be studied include viber and whatsapp who both are very popular IMs within mobile users. According to Aljazeera.

The current regime in Egypt came after an army coup against the elected president Mohammad Morsi, which Ayman Al Zawahir leader of Al Qaeda called it an American led coup. The U.S government refused to call it a coup and refused to stop funding the Egyptian army.
The army in the last 1 month and so killed thousands of Egyptian protestors against the coupe and put in prison thousands more from anti coup camp. It also shut down all Islamic TV station in the country and left those station that supports the coup.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi authorities has blocked viber before in the kingdom.

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  1. smt  |  September 17th, 2013 at 12:25 PM #

    failed Program :(

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