The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant Launched Its Twitter Account @dw_sham

28 Sep, 2013

al shabab

To overcome media blockade by mainstream media to its news and views and to talk directly to the general Arab public, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS)launched its Twitter account @dw_sham tweeting in Arabic about the Levant branch.

The state was formed after Abu Baker Al Baghdadi Al Hashimi Al Qarashi leader of the Islamic State of Iraq dissolved Jabhat al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and announced the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Though not all Jabhat Al Nusra members joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant as some remained with its commander Al Fateh Abu Mohammed al Julani. That said the two organizations have worked together in military operations against Bashar Al Asad army.

ISIS has military presence in all Syria and considered one of the strongest Mujhadeen groups in the country fighting Bashar al Asad regime.

We do not know if Twitter would delete the ISIS account on Twitter, as the support pages for Al Jabha and the ISIS has been deleted every time they pop up on facebook. Even worse the revolutionary pages who are independent from any groups like “we are all Syira” which had around 500 thousand members has been deleted by facebook. Most recently the famous Islamic preacher Iyad Al Qunaibi facebook account has been suspended for 3 days for publishing a story about the unity of Mujahdeed groups in Syria. This means that facebook has joined the US and Western government conspiracy to hijack the Syrian revolution preventing a free Islamic state of taking over after Bashar and installing a new pro American western poppet regime instead.

Twitter has been more tolerant than biased facebook in terms of allowing different views and accounts in its social media network, however they recently suspended the Twitter account of Al Shabab Al Mujahdeen after the Nairobi attacks.

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