Facebook Joins the American Government Conspiracy to Hijack the Syrian Revolution and Install a Puppet Regime in Syria

31 Aug, 2013

we are all syria

Last century after world world one the Jews and secularist destroyed the Islamic Khilafa in Turkey with the help from Arab Nationalists ( the Jewish related unity and development party in Ottoman Khilafa, Shareef Hussien Bin Ali in mecca, Attatork who put a secular constitution after the fall of Khilafa, France and England occupying Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon), all the Arab and Muslim world fell under direct occupation by western powers, at the time it was France and England. In its end England declared Belfor declaration in 1916 which is a promise to install a Jewish state in Palestine and started bringing illegal Jewish immigrant from around the world to Palestine.

When the western occupation forces concluded that their time is up in the region and direct occupation is costly they installed a puppet regimes that is infiltrated at its armies and security forces to serve those powers colonial interest and prevent the return of Islam to government, the unity of the region and its prosperity. Furthermore they divided the Arab and Muslim world into small and weak countries preventing any unity effort to bring back the region to its feet.

When power shifted to the US as one and now the only superpower the Arab and Muslim regimes changed alliance to the American government and to the CIA.

When the Arab spring happened against tyrant and corrupt Arab regimes the US and western governments were surprised because they thought that the population is dead and will never raise up. But the American government adapted to hijack the Arab spring. In Egypt the secular army leadership which is a puppet for the US has committed a coupe. The US support for the coup is obvious since they did not call it a coup, against Morsi because he is an Islamist. The Egyptian army in the last 2 weeks killed over than 2,500 peaceful protestors. Essentially it means the American government has killed them.

In Syria, the revolution erupted as a peaceful revolution, but the mass killing and rape by the Syrian army and security forces forced its people to take arms to protect themselves and turned the revolution into an armed one. There is the free Syrian army and there Mujahdeen forces such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Jabhat AL Nusra which is part of AlQaeda, Free Syrians corps, Islam Corps, Tawheed coprs and other. All these Mujadheen forces are gaining ground controlling 70% of Syria and planning an Islamic State after the defeat of the baby killer Bashar Al Asad.

This is not pleasing to the US and western governments, and would be considered a future threat to “Israel” as Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant who are gaining momentum day after day plan to work on the Palestinian cause and liberate Palestine from the terrorist state “Israel” after Syria.

2 weeks ago CIA deputy issued a statement saying Syria is becoming a major threat to US interest, which it means the security of “Israel.” To counter this threat the US government is installing spies among the revolution such as the exiled national council and planning a military force called Sahwat such a what it did in Iraq before to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant an Jabhat AL Nusra in order to bring a puppet new regime as a replacement to bashar al Asad regime if it falls.

And after the chemical attack in suburb damsuces the US and western governments plan air strikes against Syria. And many believe that Mujhadeen forces will be on the list of targets to help wave their “threat” and to counter any effort an Islamic government after Bashar and to prevent Al Mujaheed from gaining chemical and long rang missiles when Bashar regime falls.

The international media from around the world are doing a “Good job” in promoting hate and lies against Jabhat AL Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in order to make them lose popular support in Syria and around the world, to make easy for US and zionest spies to fight and defeat them.

ArabCrunch was the first English publication to expose AlJazeera (AJ) collaboration with the US intelligence as AJ former GM Wadah Khanfar accepted US government request to delete news stories that disturbs the US government from Aljazeera website, which lead to Foreign Policy Magazine to republish the story about which is sourced from Wikileaks and Aljazeera GM Wadah Khnfer after few days resigned!

Al Jazeera has been playing a low key against Al Jabha and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in many cases they used to source Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant victories to the free Syrian army which is against journalistic ethics of telling the truth after searching. The TV station promoted democracy instead of Islamic State and promoted the collaborators at the Syrian national coalition nstead of being objective and showing all point of views. Aljazeera did not have objective coverage of Iraq which Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is active their and their coverage does not include the point of you of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or their statements and brand them a terrorist not freedom fighters who expelled the American occupation forces and are fighting against US puppet regime in Iraq.

AlArabiya is worse, they streamed fake stories about children execution by jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Leavnt in order to misslead the public and make them hate Al Jabha and the Islamic state.

In most Arab and Muslim countries free media is restricted and often the ones that support current puppet regimes and the American interest are the one that allowed to exists and get funding. While other voices are being fought or shut down or prevented from publishing.

In Egypt, before the coup de-’etat there were Islamic Media and secular Media. And despite that Islamic Media had millions of viewers all the advertising was going to secular media outlets, which makes Islamic media rely on donations and struggle to continue. After the coup in Egypt a new measures were taken to silence Islamic Media, all Islamic media was shut down by the pro-American government army and the only allowed media is owned by secularist who are very biased and often beam lies about Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups in general.

Arab Spring did not start on social media in Tunisia, but it was ignited in Egypt by a facebook page “We are All Khaled Saed” administered by former google MENA marketing director Wael Ghonim. In Syria the revolution erupted on the ground but Social media helped grow the revolution out there.

Facebook first and then twitter to some extinct worked perfectly for activists to organize and as a source of true news that is not found elsewhere in mainstream media but found on revolutionary pages and accounts.

Now facebook did something, they closed many facebook Syrian revolutionary pages among them “We are All Syria” https://www.facebook.com/We.Are.All.Syria which has about 500,000 fans and one of the largest Syrian pages out there on facebook. Facebook committed an act by closing the fan page citing it was publishing sexual and content that includes nudity which is a pure lie and not true, “we are all Syria” page was publishing Syrian regime’s crimes exposing Bashar Al Assad regime in terms of images and videos, operations of the free Syrian army Jabaht al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and it warned many times of US government efforts to hijack the revolution and install a new puppet regime.

What does that closure mean? The alternative media for Syria is gone and the public has to rely on biased and the lies of mainstream media organizations to get the news stories. Which would help shape a public opinion that would accept a puppet regime in Syria which would also protects the borders of “Israel” and serve the colonial interest of the US government.

Facebook, where is freedom of speech? It is clear that facebook does not consider free speech. So by this move facebook is being biased against Islam and the freedom of Muslims of ruling themselves by themselves. Facebook is joining the US government effort to close any effort to raise the voice of true freedom and justice and as an alternative source for media.

in 2010 When a few criminal started draw the messenger of God Mohammad page on facebook. facebook did not close that page. Many in the west said it is freedom of speech, where is freedom of speech when it comes to other independent voices that calls for true freedom? That lead to the blocking of facebook in Pakistan.

And a new social networking startup emerged in Pakistan as an alternative to facebook but which respected Islam and All Religions. Meet Milat facebook. Many media publications wrote about it and 100s of thousands joined the social network. The site was growing fast, even faster than facebook on its early days. That lead to the CIA to try to buy the loyalty of its founders a they offered them cash in exchange for collaboration. But the founder were heroes and refused and then a DDos attack was launched against the site which keep it down for a long time. Worse all hosting providers in the US refused to host the site which lead for the viral growth to slow down and the dream to have an Islamic alternative to facebook was vanished.

This reminds of the corporate plot against Wikileaks by banning it from receiving donations via PayPal visa card, mastercard and others. Exposing the deep ties between Masons, Zionist businesses and the criminal governments.

This also reminds us of the CIA Mossad in collaboration with puppet Arab government plots against ArabCrunch, after failing to recruit Gaith Saqer as a CIA agent the American government went into blackmailing advertisers in critical time of ArabCurnch to dry out its sources of cash in order to brings AC down internally. And created the Zionist Wamda as one entrepreneur stated, as an alternative to AC carrying out Zionist and American government agenda as one entrepreneur has said.

An alternative to facebook must be created, a one that does not carry American government and Zionist agenda, a one that respects Islam and all religions, a one that respect free speech even if it is coming from Al Qaeda media arm. A one that can the public turn-to to get news not found on mainstream media, and the public should organize to crowd fund such platform.

Editor note: we have contacted facebook several times trying to get an explanation about why this happened but there was no answer, we send them a plea to bring back the pages but no answer.

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