Jordanian Entrepreneurs Condemns Wamda Hosting “Israeli” Investors in its Events, Label it as “Zionist Wamda”

28 Jul, 2013

wamda israel
Wamda the entrepreneurship platform that has been founded by Dubai Abraj Capital which acts as a media arm covering entrepreneurship in the Muslim world, a VC fund and entrepreneurial event organizer chaired by Aramex founder and vice chairman Fadi Ghandour and is run by its CEO Habib Hadad who is also the cofounder of Yamli- has been organizing Mix and Mentor events across many Arab cities among them Amman, Jordan on May 24th.

In Wamda Mix and mentor event the presence of “Israeli” investor has bought strong condemnation from the Jordanian entrepreneurial community.

Ala Suliam founder of digital audio books publishers masmoo3 has condemned this action on Jordan entrepreneurs group on facebook, Ala wrote “ what is the story of the presence of Israeli investors and participants in entrepreneurial and economic events in Amman and Dead sea?”
He added “Does our bad economic shape make us a cheap good for sale? Where is the promises of different entities and people who support economic development through entrepreneurship, which pushes our ambitious youth to plan to achive their dreams by forming startups and work in making a solid economy? Was all that preparation to turn the lust to to get fast profit and money make us forget our principals?”

In his part one entrepreneur said “ This is what ArabCrunch has been warning of, The American government with the help of local Arab governments in the region in collaboration with the Zionist are creating an ecosystem which is controlled by them to achieve their sick political agenda and to create a generation of Arab entrepreneurs who work as spies for CIA and Mossad. The conspiracy against ArabCrunch by the American and Israeli governments in collaboration with Arab regimes has been a conspiracy against the Arab startups and tech industry as a whole, since ArabCrunch was an independent voice for the industry, they conspired against it so its growth is hampered and founded Wamda as an alternative to push their political agenda. Wamda has been founded by Abrajj Capital which received 150 Millions USD from the American government this makes Wamda an American government project which aims to push American and Zionist Agenda in the Arab and Muslim world, the hosting of “Israeli” investors in its mix and mentor event proves what Wamda is all about: a Zionist and American government project. ArabCrunch on the other hand did not ever recognize “Israel” as it keeps writing it between quotation marks whenever “Israel” is mentioned. There has never been any “Israeli” presence in ArabCrunch events, ArabCrunch also exposed US government hypocrisy when it comes to internet freedom and open source principles when it exposed source forge blocking of Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba and North Korea few years ago. Saying that, all startups Wamda has invested in are suspicious. Arab entrepreneurs should not seek investment from Wamda, so they are not labeled as Zionists. ”

(Editor note: Make no mistake about it, we will never allow “Israelis” to breach our events in the future.)

In his part Gaith Saqer founder of ArabCrucnh wrote “those who take funding from Israeli investors are traitors and the investors will blackmail them to become spies, we want to build the Arab tech ecosystem but we do not want to have a new generation of spies and mercenaries entrepreneurs.”
In his part Alaa Added “ I attended 2 important events for entrepreneurship and to support startups, the first was MENA shapers – Entrepreneurship where most of Jordanian and Arab organizers and participants falter with participants from the occupation state “Israel” as if they are the most important participants. And which shocked me the most was the presence of a representatives of an “Israeli” investment body in Mix and Mentor which organized by wamda yesterday in Amman -……- and the strange thing is when participants identify themselves that they are from “telaviv” as if it is very normal. This does not please me and make me worry a lot.”

Alaa added “To every Jordanian who is loyal and who belongs and to every free Arab, the money that is mixed with the blood of Palestinians and Arab martyrs in their wars against occupation, will only bring us destruction. If not in buildings but in morals, identity and principles.”

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