5 Tips for Successful Viral Marketing

12 Jun, 2013

viral marketing

This is a guest post written by Shadi Halloun from Palestine. if you want to contribute to ArabCrunch pitch us at newsATArabCrunchDOTcom

Hello everyone, so this is my second post on ArabCrunch. I hope you’ll like it and I promise I’ll be contributing more and more to this great community in the future. So let’s get straight to the point.

If you are trying to launch a viral marketing campaign, there are few simple yet critical things you have to consider.
I had a pretty great success in viral marketing in the past, and I still do this when there is a need for big traffic in short time, so if you are looking for fast big money, or want to expose your website to huge number of people in a short time, then viral marketing can be one of the best things you can do.

During my viral marketing campaigns, I had few hard mistakes which made me loose a fortune, but I also had really amazing results, so here are in conclusion the most important points to consider before launching your campaign:

1) Get ready for HUGE traffic: In viral marketing, there is no middle, you either hit it big or fail hard, I am assuming you want to hit it big.
In one of my viral marketing campaigns, I’ve had huge success – I was enjoying over 400,000 UV flowing to my website just in my 4th day, but something ruined that day: Hosting. For some stupid reason I didn’t consider getting a better hosting to handle the huge traffic flux, therefore Hostgator suspended my account because of the load my traffic made on the servers. Getting a new VPS and moving stuff took 48 hours, which killed the traffic and left me with nothing.

2) Monetize planning: Big traffic doesn’t always mean big money. Make sure you have made a defined plan on how you are going to monetize your traffic in the best possible way.

3) The Idea is everything: I can’t reveal what I exactly did with my successful campaigns. But there are a few rules that I followed before creating the page:

Have content that interests people: No one will click a link on Facebook unless it’s something he’s interested in. You can make your content more interesting by putting some funny questions statistics, following Google trends, and more.

Work on the feelings: A recent study shows that people share stuff mostly because it has made them feel: Happy, sad, optimistic, desperate, etc. When people get emotional, they share.

4) Give it some time before monetizing:
It’s a well known fact that people hate ads. Therefore, putting ads may weaken your “Word of mouth” strategy. So if you want your campaign to go really viral, you will have to wait until you see enough traffic coming in, then you may start monetizing it, but also make sure not to over-monetize your page with stuff that may annoy your visitor.

5) Encourage people to share: “Go fool your friends now!” or “Share the love!”. it might sound simple but you won’t believe how much it can help your page spread. I had almost 200% better results after adding these call-to-action sentences.

Try to follow these 5 rules before launching a viral campaign and there should be no reason to stop you from succeeding.

Do you have any other tips about viral marketing? Comment below 

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  1. Gaith Saqer  |  June 12th, 2013 at 1:16 PM #

    Thank you for the post it is really interesting since you are basing it in your own experience with viral marketing.

    I would like to add call-to-action and positioning.

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