Using Internet Marketing Basics to improve your website, Part 2

11 Feb, 2013

Internet MarketingIn the first part of this series on online marketing, I talked about some of the basics of online marketing that can be used to create an improved website. Like I said in first article the Online Ecosystem is an increasingly complex place to be. It is also a relatively new business medium, especially in the Arab world, that is ever changing and growing. So here are some more things to keep in mind if you are thinking about making the move to the online world:

  1. Spread the word out about your website: Websites don’t promote themselves, so its the web admin/owners job to promote his or her website. There are many methods that you can use to promote a website or business online. Some methods are free, while others can be quite expensive depending on the method. Here are some methods to consider using for your online marketing:
    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The goal of this method is to increase a website’s Search Engine ranking, which results in a better position when somebody searches for your keywords. It requires things like link building and creating better content.
    2. Social Media: Social media is used to communicate with your users in an informal manner. There are many social media choices to use, which means there are a lot of opportunities to reach, talk and, more importantly, listen to your users.
    3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: A great way to bring new traffic to your website and can also be important for branding purposes. However it can be quite expensive sometimes.
  2. The contact us page: It’s important for your users and customers to be able to contact you in order to give feedback, so that you can be aware of any problems with the website. There are many contact methods that you can use, for example, email, or telephone. You can also use Google Maps if you run a brick & mortar business. Contact forms are another option, they are usually straightforward and easy to use. However, there are some drawbacks, for example, there is no record of any messages between them and the web admin, and more importantly users do not know if the message was sent or if an error happened.
  3. Information is money: In any field, whether business or not, the more information you have the better off you are. This is especially true of the online ecosystem, where the success of companies like Google and Facebook, who have multi billion dollar valuations, is based largely on the information that they have been able to acquire. More importantly the amount of information that is accessible through the internet is unwitnessed in any other time in the history of the world. Today’s successful companies are those that know how to find out who their customers are, how they spending their time and money online, what are their likes and dislikes, among other things, and then leveraging that data into a competitive advantage for your business.
  4. Test & Check: What I mean by testing and checking here is making sure that everything is working properly. By everything I mean everything, from your website’s functionality, to the ads you are running, to whatever Social Media sites you decide to use. Having a malfunctioning, or even slow loading website, gives a negative image about your business. While poorly planned online advertising campaigns can be costly and ineffective. So it’s of utmost importance that you regularly test and check to make sure that your website is running as smoothly as possible.

These online marketing basics have been proven to work time and time again. I hope you find these pointers beneficial in your future online endeavors.

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  1. SidRhyes  |  February 18th, 2013 at 7:05 AM #

    Very informative and nicely elaborated how to work with internet marketing that will help your market value.

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